Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....May 24 , 2017.....Quick Hits Fro Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving Data & News As Available; US - US Stock Indexes , Gold , US Treasuries All Catch A Bid After FOMC Meeting Minutes , FOMC Minutes Major Driver For Dow / S&P / Nasdaq All Green For the Day & Treasury Yields Lower , US Crude Finishes Modestly Lower On The Day. 2) US Politics : SoS Tillerson On AF-1 Today Discusses NATO & G-7 Meetings Subjects - Russia / Ukraine /Expectations Of Trump Regarding NATO / Trade Agreements / Afghanistan / Paris Climate Deal ; POTUS Meets Pope , Onward To NATO Meeting Thursday & G-7 On Friday ; AHCA Act Updates - CBO Scores House Bill ; Swampland News For Wednesday ; FBI Director Items ( Past And Yet To Come ) Items. 3) Philippines - Marawi Siege Continues The Day after President Duterte Declares Martial Law In Parts Of Philippines. 4) Brazil - Instability Worsens As Protesters Seize And Set Fire To Government Buildings , President Temer Calls In Military To Quell Protests. 5) Indonesia - Two Explosions Hit Public Transit Terminal Today Causing Casualties. 6) Manchester Attack Updates ( News From UK & Libya On Point ) , 5 Arrests Made In UK And Two In Tripoli . 7) Odds & Ends - Libya , Iraq & Bitcoin !



Economic data due from Asia today - and PLENTY of central bank speak

New Zealand budget day - preview

US Markets....

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Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Dollar lower after FOMC meeting minutes

Treasury secretary Mnuchin. Looking at issuing ultra long bonds

Treasury secretary Mnuchin. Looking at issuing ultra long bonds

Dollar falls but recovers a bit after FOMC meeting minutes

US Crude oil futures down $0.11 to $51.36

US Politics.....

CBO score on new House Health Care Bill has been scored !

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Israel changes intelligence-sharing rules after Trump leaks info to Russians: report

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JUST IN: Sean Spicer noticeably absent from Trump's meeting with Pope Francis

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JUST IN: Bad Russian intel influenced Comey's announcement on Clinton email investigation

1 hour ago
Ex-US attorney interviewed to replace Comey at FBI: report

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Thank you for the warm welcome to Brussels, Belgium this afternoon!

Tillerson gets a new #2: Senate votes 94-6 to confirm attorney John Sullivan as Deputy Secretary of State.

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Senate's McConnell sees a tough path for passing healthcare bill.

Calling Manchester bombing "horrible" & "unthinkable," Pres Trump says US and allies will win against terrorism. "We will win this fight."

Pres Trump also wants nations to join fight against ISIS as well as meet 2%GDP burden-sharing obligation for defense spending.

Sec of State Tillerson aboard Air Force One, flying Rome to Brussels, says Trump hasn't made a final decision on Paris climate agreement.

No Trump decision yet on Afghanistan troop increase, Tillerson says. Decision probably "a couple of weeks" away, he said per .

Tillerson also said US wants NATO to formally join ISIS coalition; Manchester attack will only strengthen allies' resolve

“I don’t think you can expect to se any trade agreements," Tillerson on AF1 re: NATO. But "frank discussion" on why trade imbalances exist.

Russia likely won't be allowed to rejoin G7 til "address the situation in Ukraine," Tillerson on AF1, per .


Christians captured, buildings seized and torched, prisoners freed at Marawi City in the Philippines.

Releases Pictures Showing Its Fighters In City.

- Situation this afternoon as seen in pictures released by .

EXCLUSIVE: Maute Group slaughtered 9 civilians after they were flagged down at a checkpoint manned by terrorists in Marawi |

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Churchgoers 'taken hostage' amid Marawi siege, a day after Philippine President Duterte declared martial law

- President says he might declare martial law throughout the country if terrorism reaches Luzon.


BREAKING: Brazil's agriculture ministry evacuated after protesters break in

This is getting some further airing and more reaction in the now

Brazil situation sliding from bad to worse..


Indonesia Attack...

Two explosions hit public-transport terminal in Indonesia's capital. Police say cause is unclear

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UPDATE: Two confirmed dead in Jakarta after double explosions hit public-transport terminal

UK ....Manchester Attack Featured


Libyan security force: Brother of alleged Manchester bomber "was aware of all the details" of attack plans. (AP)

MORE: Brother of Manchester attacker arrested in Tripoli was planning 'terrorist act' in Libyan capital - counter-terrorism police

Special Deterrence Force / Rada arrests Hashim Abedi, born in Manchester 04/08/1997, brother of Salam Abedi the attacker of Manchester.

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Hashim Abedi "knew about the attack of his brother" and "was with him in UK for the preparation". Hashim Abedi left UK on 16 April 2017.

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Rada Force arrested him yesterday while he was receiving 4,500 LYD from Salam Abedi. Both brothers belong to Islamic State, S. Abedi.

BREAKING: suicide bomber's father Ramadan al-Obaidi, aka Abu Ismail, arrested in Tripoli by Rada'a Force (Kara)

Further info on Manchester...

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Father to : alleged Manchester bomber in Libya a 1.5 months ago preparing to visit Saudi Arabia. Says UK police have arrested another son

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Father of alleged Manchester bomber tells the from Tripoli: "We don't believe in killing innocents. This is not us"

: Manchester Police investigating a "network" in concert attack

Police are hunting a possible bomb maker following the Manchester suicide attack

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Latest police operation in central Manchester

Manchester police say they have made three more arrests over concert bombing

Odds & Ends....


3rd Force have handed ElSharara oil field to Ali Kana, a military personnel from who claims to be a neutral in the -n conflict

Pres. Council member Ahmed Hamza meets w/ the Turkish Ambassador, discuss ongoing work at 5 power stations in Ubari

UN urges more access to humanitarian assisstance in Southern


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

old city map update.


Premium rate on South Korean Bitcoin Exchanges nearly reached 30% on May 23rd !